Last Updated: 24/05/2017
We are a family owned and operated business established in 2008, based in The Hills Area of Sydney.  Our learning strategies are based on more than just passing your Driving Test, or just driving over and over the test courses.  We can't completely eliminate the risks associated with driving, we can however teach you low risk techniques, hazard perception and response, maintaining crash avoidance space, and strategies to keep you and your passengers as safe as possible.
Our programme for learners is based on the competencies in your Learner Log Book, covering over 40 areas of learning, from correct posture to highway driving.  We can also cover basic vehicle care (safety while re-fuelling, checking oil, tyres etc) if required.
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Our lessons comply with the RMS Structured Lessons and are credited as 3 for 1.

We are a Service Provider for the Safer Drivers Course for Young Learner Drivers.  Upon completion of both Modules, 20 hours is credited to your Learner Log Book.  Course details are on the next page.

Our car is a 2013 Toyota Yaris YRS Hatch, with a 5 Star ANCAP rating.  We use and recommend Clip It On to attach L & P plates to your number plate.  See our PRICE LIST page for a photo and prices.

NB: If using your vehicle it must have at least Third Party Property Insurance.  Comprehensive Insurance is preferred.  Our insurance policies DO NOT cover your vehicle.

Pick up / drop off is usually from your home, however we are flexible and offer pick up / drop off at any location in the local area.

We also offer night lessons.  Night driving (for the purpose of your Learner Log Book) are the hours between sunset and sunrise the next day. An additional fee may apply to night lessons during Eastern Summer Time.  You must record a minimum of 20 hours night driving.

Peter is an RMS accredited Older Driver Assessor, and an accredited Keys2Drive Instructor.  For information about the Keys2Drive programme visit or download our Information Sheet.

Enquiries & Bookings: 0409 049 424
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